What is Organized Stalking?

 Organized stalking, also called group stalking or gang stalking, is the organized targeting of an individual or couple. There are many methods used to create this targeting, but the main goal of organized stalking is to create fear in the victims.



Some ways to tell you're being stalked:

☀ The sense you are being watched and followed everywhere you go.
☀ You notice consistently rude behavior from people you don't know for no apparent reason.
☀ You hear excerpts from conversations you had in the privacy of your home coming from people around you.
☀ You feel that those around you have access to your thoughts. 
☀ Relationships and friendships become distant or strained for no apparent reason.
☀ You experience problems on the job where groups of people are plotting to have you terminated.
☀ Business deals consistently fall through for no apparent reason.
☀ You experience vandalism on a regular basis.
☀ You notice that your things are not in the same place you left them when you left home or some small items may be missing.
☀ Frequent car repairs.
☀ Staged car accidents. 
☀ Frequent appliance or electronic malfunctions.


Various methods used in organized stalking:

☀ Brighting: having people turn on their headlights everywhere you go, especially parking lots and side roads.
☀ Harassment: Neighbors making lots of extra noise seemingly on-purpose.
☀ Following: Vehicles or pedestrians following on the road, sidewalks, and in stores -- following can be in front as well.
☀ Yard: People running into the yard to create noise or leave strange items.
☀ Noise: Car horns, fireworks, gunshots, door slamming, electrical yard power tools like lawn mowers.
☀ Mobbing: Having people or cars surround you instantaneously.
☀ Airplanes: flying over the house at apparent timed intervals.





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