"Throughout history governments and entire communities have taken part in such activities, with dire consequences for those that are targeted."


Q: What is a Targeted Individual?

A: A Targeted Individual is someone who is targeted by extreme forms of harassment such as Mobbing, Bullying, Cointelpro, Gang Stalking, etc. The target is specifically singled out for deliberate psychological, social, targeting which has the ability to destroy their lives and livelihoods over time.


Q: How do I know if I am a Targeted Individual?

A: Being a Targeted Individual usually involves:

Deliberate slander and rumour campaigns.

Targeted social exclusion.

Harassment is usually perpetrated by more than one person or entity.

Has the desired goal of ruining and discrediting the target.


Q: What are some of the methods used on Target Individuals?

A: Targeted Individuals should look for a targeted campaign which seems to do one if not all of the following:

Driving the target to suicide.

Financially ruining the target.

Breaking down the targets social relationships, and excluding them from all sources of support.

Slander and rumour campaigns

Efforts to make you seem none credible, a criminal, or unstable.


Q: Do all Targeted Individuals experience the same things?

A: Methods might vary or over lap depending on the targeting used. Eg. Rumour campaigns are often seen across the board in much of the targeting. However not every Targeted Individual will be electronically harassed.


Q: I am being bullied at work. Does that make me a Targeted Individual?

A: It depends on the situation. Being bullying in and of itself does not necessarily make someone a Targeted Individual. However if you find that as you seek help for the bullying you are sabotaged at every turn, and you recognise a deliberate effort of collusion to stop you from getting help, filing a lawsuit, getting a lawyer, going to a tribunal, making your situation public, then you might be a Targeted Individual.


Q: Who can become a Targeted Individual?

A: Anyone can become a Targeted Individual. The perception is that Targeted Individuals are [only] Activists, Dissidents, Whistle-Blowers, however that is not the case. Many Targeted Individuals are just average citizens who for whatever reason realised that there is a deliberate effort of targeting. These efforts often involved:

Extreme slander campaigns. Making the target seem morally contemptible and worthy of their targeting.

Deliberate social exclusion.

Psychological targeting, meant to break down the target over time by inducing anything from a nervous breakdown, to thinking of committing suicide, or even acts of violence.

Financial targeting. Trying to make the target so financially stressed that they can not continue to fight and so they must therefore give up their efforts for justice.


Q: What can be done to stop this?

A: At this stage, awareness has been the key to helping Targeted Individuals: Awareness and acknowledgment that this is in fact happening and that there is deliberate targeting ongoing.


Q: Can't Amnesty International or the ACLU help?

A: Many targets have tried these avenues to seek assistance, only to realise that these organisations are not willing or able to assist them. Many targets have found support from each other, or on forums directed to helping with their causes.



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