Do you think you are targetted by citizen gang
stalking and electronic harassment?
Survey Results

Year 2002 Only

190 forms were tabulated for the year 2002:
[Those are graph bars representing the counts visually]


1> 96/51% You find that allof your family, friendship, and business relationships are goingsour and you have done nothing to cause this
1> 96人中有51%的人發現所有的你的家庭,朋友,和生意關係正變差,而你卻沒有做任何導致這些的事

2> 70/37% You find that “accidental”blocking of you as you walk or drive about, by strangers, has increased dramatically and every day brings several”blocking” incidents. E.g., someone slips ahead of you at the bank machine or grocery check out, or with cars in unexpected places in parking lots. This is part of what targets call “street theater”.THIS IS ABOUT BLOCKING *FAR* MORE FREQUENT THAN THAT WHICH OCCURSIN NORMAL LIFE, NOT THE USUAL OCCASIONAL OCCURENCES.
2> 70人中有37%會發現當你散步或駕車出去的時候會有“意外”阻止你,這是由陌生人造成的。這急劇增加並且每天都有幾個“阻止”你的事故。例如,一些人在你面前滑到,當你在銀行櫃員機前或雜貨店結賬時,或你的汽車意外的停在了停車場裡。這是被目標稱作“街頭鬧劇”的一部分。這些相關的阻止遠遠大於平常生活中的發生的頻率,不是平常偶然發生的情況。

3> 137/72% Telephones frequently have static ortones or echoes; you have lots of “wrong number”calls
3> 137人有72%的人電話經常有靜電噪音或音質不好,或有回音,你還有許多“錯誤號碼”的電話

4> 91/48% Street lights going out as you pass under them, walking or driving
4> 91人有48%,在你經過街燈下面時,它突然熄滅,是在你正走過或行駛過的時候

5> 70/37% Your watch and other batteriesgoing dead often, far too soon to be “natural”deaths
5> 70人有37%,你的表或其他用的電池經常停掉,遠遠快於“正常”的消耗

6> 107/56% You find that you are coming suddenly awake at precisely the SAME TIME, middle of every night
6> 107人有56%,你發現你會突然醒來,而剛好每天都在同時,是在每晚中間

7> 70/37% Inescapable voice in your head and you are not mentally ill
7> 70人有37%,在你的頭腦裡能聽到無法避免的噪音,並且你不是精神病

8> 128/67% Ringing in ears – may start|stopwhen switching on or off electronic devices
8> 128人有67%,有耳鳴-也許當你開始/停止打開或關閉電子裝置時

9> 89/47% Fake telephone or clock ringing or fake knocking on your door
9> 89人有47%,假的電話或鬧鈴,或假的按你的門鈴

10> 42/22% Fake, loud bird calls, outdoors,which follow you everywhere
10> 42人有22%,假的大聲的鳥叫在門外,它在各處都會伴隨着你。

11> 53/28% Hot needles deep in your flesh,especially when trying to sleep (also called “beestings”)
11> 53人有28%,你肉體深處會有性刺激,特別是當你在試圖睡覺時(也稱作“蜜蜂刺感”)

12> 93/49% Limbs jerking wildly, especiallywhen trying to sleep
12> 93人有49%,肢體會猛烈的抽搐,特別是在你企圖睡覺時

13> 80/42% Extremely powerful itching which may start as small electrical shocks
13> 80人中有42%特別的癢,這也許是有小的電激造成的

14> 96/51% Very fastheartbeat while relaxed (not having exercised recently)
14> 96人中有51%,在放鬆時(在最近沒有進行劇烈運動的情況下),卻有着非常

15> 61/32% Vibration, large area of your body, or, nearby objects which should not vibrate normally
16> 61人中32%,身體的大範圍的顫抖,或附近的物體,它通常是不應該振動。

16> 110/58% Forced awakening, can’t go back to sleep, as if on high doses of caffeine
17> 110人中58%,被迫醒來,不能繼續睡眠,好像是服用了高劑量的咖啡因

17> 66/35% Vivid 3-D images while awake,occasionally even with eyes open
17> 66人中有35%,當醒後,會看到生動的3維景象,甚至偶爾在眼睛睜開時。

18> 91/48% Urges to go somewhere you don’tneed to or at times you would not go there
18> 91人中48%,迫切想去某處,但你並不需要,或某些時候,在你本不打算去那的時候

19> 36/19% Neighbors can seethru walls, possibly by sounds from them which “follow” you
19> 36人中有19%,鄰居能夠透過牆看到你,也許是通過他們的聲音,這些聲音“跟隨”着你

20> 91/48% Repeated instances where it seems your mind is being read
20> 91人中有48%,你的思維被不斷的重複,就像在某處你的思維正被閲讀

21> 59/31% Repeated evidence of break-ins,small scale thefts, and sabotage both at home and at work
21> 59人中有31%,當你在家和在工作時,有被非法闖入的證據,有小規模的盜竊和蓄意破壞

22> 118/62% Sudden “drop-you-in-your-tracks”fatigue at times you should not be tired
22> 118人中有62%,突然的感到特別累,在那時不應該感到疲乏

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