Since I started researching on the targeted individuals phenomenon, some cases appeared to me as being false. I also have read testimonies of other targets who think like me. There would be individuals on the Internet who claim to be targeted in order to watch us and create confusion about our situation.

I have doubts about these supposed targeted individuals, because, once again, there are too many "coincidences" between what happens to me, what I write, what I think and what they claim is happening to them. Of course, targeted individuals are living similar situations, but the "coincidences" I'm referring to are too precise. For instance, they use exemples I come up with in private to illustrate what is happening to me, they report events in the same order I did, they report something just after a similar event has happened to me, or they refer to something I have done lately. I have found people writing texts using my exemples, my ideas and my vocabulary that I have not placed on this Web site or elsewhere.

I think that different types of individuals are created and given a mandate in order to create confusion and participate in a psychological warfare against targets. Some of them write texts, sometimes large documents. Others build Web sites. There are some of them who make appearances in "alternative" medias, and whenever I hear them, there is something wrong about what they are saying. They target me in my privacy and they make comments similar to what can be heard in mainstream talk radio. What they say sometimes has a sexual connotation. I also have heard one lying about the year he as published his book, to make it look like it was published before I started being targeted. It was not a mistake on his part. I also have seen a Web site about targeted individuals where a public figure who was targeting me is being presented as a hero.

I have been aware of that type of individuals in North America and in Europe. These people could be disinformation agents, or simply criminals who try to forbid true targets to write about what they really are experiencing. They might also want to make it look like the target is copying the false target.

I don't link to everything I find on the Web about targeted individuals. I link to those who are relevent and useful for me to support what I claim on this Web site. I link to Web sites that are not targeting me in my privacy and that are not changing their content according to what I have not yet placed on my Web site. What they sometimes do is change the content of their Web site according to what I have just added on mine, but also adding things they are not supposed to be aware of. When someone is targeting me, no matter the content of his Web site or document, I do not create a link. You can easily find them on your own, because most of them are more publicized than others.

In my case, I really am targeted and I work on my own. I am not supplied with personal informations about other targets.

Orginial Website: Targeted Individual - Gang Stalking

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