(Implants is not necessary for mind control.)



A high tech weapon system that uses lasers, electromagnetic weapons and holograms is being used to target people and cause health and psychological problems. Microwave weapons are used to transmit sound directly in to the brain. Implants are used for mind control and brainwashing. Gang stalking is used to destroy  every aspect of a victims live. Sound transmitted in the surrounding is also used to terrorize and manipulate a victim. They target their victims 24/7 causing everyday more implications. The lasers are loaded with different energy levels. The fact is that the weapons they use are almost not visible or completely invisible. The lasers they use to attack people are made invisible by using anti-lasers its done in fractions of seconds so sometimes you see only quick bursts. Victims also referred as targeted individuals aren't always totally aware of it because there are targeted with different things at the same time. This system is being used from the early '90. It is used all over the world



How the people are affected 


People feel a push or get the feeling there is an air shift. They then start to target different part of the brain and body with different kinds of energetic weapons, lasers and holograms. Then a pulsating feeling starts also vibration and a lot of pressure. They use microwave energetic weapons to transmit sound directly to the brain also called Voice to skull (V2K). They are using for different kinds of manipulations: 

-They are trying to make people believe that the sound victims hear are there own thoughts while thoughts translate into words  when someone wants to communicate with an other person
-Conversations are being manipulated and people say the words they are transmitting into the brain. 
-That there is telepathic communications with other persons or a other supernatural existence and even that it is the voice of God or Satan
-Conversations that toke place are being transmitted into the brain many time over but the conversation is then being changed and the memories of it are being altered.
-Brainwashing while someone is a sleep.


They apply high pressure in the ears and they use many different frequencies to influence mood and brain functions. Organs are also being targeted and manipulate with negative vibrations and disturb the natural functions.



Gang stalking


Gang stalkers are used to transmit sound in the victims surroundings. People are distracted and misled mostly by the transmitted sound and other events that are happening at the same moment. . Gang stalkers mix sound using other peoples names and voices and also computer generated voices and a lot of sound effects. Gang stalkers are used to transmit sound in the victims surroundings. People are distracted and misled mostly by the transmitted sound and other events that are happening at the same moment. They convince neighbors to participate and to target the victims in a short range. The psyche and imagination are being manipulated. This is being done night and day and even when people are asleep to create emotional, psychological and damage to body and organs. There victims are used and abuse for all kind off different purposes. They are destroying peoples life and take advantage of it. Many people are unable to think logical or realistic any more. 


They make shore that people know that they are being spied and that you can hear it, but you wasn't suppose to. Many people believe that the sound that the gang stalkers mix and transmit it their immediate surrounding is happening for real. A lot of subliminal messages are used is the sound to manipulate behavior and the decision that are made to change or make other decision then someone would uselessly make.


They also make and manipulate home made movies to convince others that the sound they transmit is happening for real.


This criminals enter peoples home and install all kind of devices. Keys are being stolen or they enter the homes and leaving almost no evidence to do anything about it. There are cases that people are being poison and drugged, implanted and even raped and violence is been used while a person is drudged and poisoned. They are even using neuron gases through the ventilation system. They gather all kind of personal information and use it to destroy the victims financial and personal affairs. They intersect calls and e-mail and hack into computers. They also steel mail out of the mailbox.


They isolate a individual to torture them and destroy every aspect of their live. The victims are also referred as targeted individuals{TI}. Many people died or where forced to suicide using hypnotism, extreme torture, brainwashing and mind control,


The criminals convince other people that they are gone to be protected while encouraging them engaging criminal activities against the people that they are hearing trough the sound system. They are not aware the in other peoples lives they are the ones that are being used in the sound system. The criminal organization use gang stalkers that are willing to destroy other peoples live, they participate voluntary. Gang stalkers are local criminals they convince also neighbors to participate and are using equipment to attack people in their homes and transmit sound. In the Internet this is called gang stalking or electronic harassment. Over the years the transmitted sound in a victims surroundings are ELF wave generated sound and transmitted though satellites, it needs a vibratory source to amplify it. With a ELF wave generator you can disturb the transmitted sound. The sound is full of intimidation, aggression, violence, sexual intimidations and perversion this is also the case with the voice to skull that is being used. The criminals are incriminating and using victims against each other a lot of times. They never use their own name or voices though this system. 



Mind control and implants


Implants are also being used. Several implants over body and brain have been found in many cases. Implantation are being used or mind control and brainwashing a victim. This happens with out the consent or knowledge of the victim. Brain implants can also being use for telecommunication where brainwaves are being analyzed and transformed to disturb the original brain sound and to disturb the communicating with others. Brainwaves are monitored in brain frequencies. Some call this synthetic telepathy. The memory is also being affected in different ways conversations and things that occurred are manipulated or partly erased even emotional brain patterns are being altered combining mind control and brainwashing. 



The use of holograms 


Holograms are used for different things. Mini holograms are being projected into the eyes for visual manipulation. At the same time they attack with a black laser the right side of the brain were the center of the psychological functions of the brain are situated. These mini-holograms are used for visual manipulations and to affect the psyche. Many people believe they are clairvoyant, but the only thing they can see clear is what the criminals are transmitting or try to manipulate. There are different types of projections made to manipulate the way of thinking and the imagination. In addition to frighten people or make believe that someone is in the area shadows are being protected. Accidents have being created by doing that. 



What you hear in the music                                                 


The criminals put then words or phrases that are been said and are mixed into the music. Background music is added into it and broadcast live. People belief their thoughts are being read and that they can hear it in the music. This is being done whit microwave weapons that is also called microwave hearing ( V2K). This is specially easy to figure out when people speak different languages and sayings that only exist in certain languages are word for word translated while that person would never express them self in those words. Sentences and words that are being said can also be heard in the music that then is transmitted over and over again and in the end of a song even totally distorted. The different attacks and frequencies they use to harm the hole body like the hart the respiration and other organs can also be heard in the music. They use silent sound to manipulate certain parts of the brain and behavior. Music made this way is for example where you can hear the tune Notre Dame but also in many other trance music were you can hear the word theta is made in the same way. In the course of years they have been able to make a lot of money using and abusing many people with their system. Some people are latterly tortured to death by them.  The music is being made by DJ's and the people you hear are never on a stage. In this music are a lot of frequencies used that have a negative influence in brain and body even for the people how are only listening to it.



What Theta means 


Theta  are the brain waves in a state of hypnotism. Many people who are used by these criminals are sometimes susceptible to hypnosis, and don't even know it. The fact is that a lot of different weapons are being used at the same time and this affect the brain functions and feelings. In a trance  people are forced to say and do things that aren't good for them. Even stunned to silence and incriminate them self. This makes it for the criminal organization always easier to use and abuse more people for all kind of different purposes. This kind of trances are being used in all kind of party's and events. All together it has Trojan horse effect in  person's lives


Trances are being used as suicide trances to kill others, for all kind of different purposes and also to discriminate their victims. People commit crimes and kill and even confess crimes they didn't t commit. A single sound can trigger a trance but also optical things and even numbers. The stunning of the brain in not the same as hypnotism, it is meant to make you tiered and prevent you from moving so the memory is in this case in a conscience state



The technology has developed over the years                                                  


The weapons that they are using maintain their values for long distances. The flashes of the lasers and that are being used can be seen sometimes, but not all lasers are visible. They use 7 or 8 different kind of lasers The  high tech weapons that are being used  goes through ceiling and walls. They also are using electromagnetic energetic weapons to cause extreme pain allover the body and the nerve system. The system is developing and they are using more and newer technology. The microwave weapons are also a part of it. The attacking system  in space. All together it can be defined as a war system. They are using and abusing people to create wars and call it behavior modification so they can distract and mislead people from what they are doing and convince others that there system is being used as a safety system. They are the true terrorist and murderers behind a lot of evil that is been happening. They have been using persons as weapons to create wars.  They create chaos and then want to be the solution the so called theory off creating order out of chaos. They are the root, the source and the cause of all evil.  They are expanding the system all the time and more people are becoming victims of it. They scam money out of the economies or out of peoples lives over the years that is being used to expand the war system. It is therefore important to be aware how the system works. 


Some see the flashes but don't understand that depending on the energy charge it have different functions. The criminals are make believe depending of what they think will be believed so they always try to figure out what the best way will be to fool someone. Whether it is thought that the push is being felt something spiritual, a supreme existence, God or witchcraft , but also that the war system in space is from aliens. Everything is done to use and abuse individuals for all kind of different purposes. After all this time everything is developed from bad to worse. They are brainwashing and mind controlling  people even when their a sleep to manipulate every aspect of their live and to keep everyone tired and maintain attacking their victims even in their sleep. 


This system  produces cancer, hart problems, respiratory problems, nose obstructions, eye damage, dental problems, tong pressure, pressure in the ears, boils, allergies, each, sneezing, knee pains, back pains, lost of balance, tummy ache, burning feelings in the stomach, fainting, nosiness, psychological disorders[often diagnosed as schizophrenic paranoia or psychoses], hallucinations, neck pains, arm pains, leg pains, extreme headache, insomnia, exhaustion, hyperactivity, genital pains, manipulation of the urinary canal, different negative feeling manipulations, extreme pain after sleeping, emotional problems, feelings of discomfort, disorientation, temporarily or totally lost of memories, permanent burn mark damages and permanent organ damages, weak immune system, neurological complications  involuntary muscle contractions, sexual manipulations, temporally paralysis of limbs and brain, violence, aggression, poisoning symptoms, suicide and death. 


In certain country's the governments even know that all those weapons are being used but they claim the weapons are not lethal. It seems to me that because they are using a lot of weapons at the same time, they are lethal and more important they use people as their own made and created lethal weapon. 





Chemtrails are being spayed by plains. Chemicals contain radio active substances, pesticides, metals, salts, and artificial manipulated DNA that is called GNA also nano technology is used. This substances are use to control nature and human beings. It also causes all kind of diseases. With this also climate changes are being manipulated and used as a war strategy. 





The H.A.A.R.P system  is also being used for weather manipulations and to create natural disasters but also to transmit high frequencies and silent sound  that manipulates animals and peoples behavior. The concentration of the frequencies are so strong that even the electromagnetic field of the earth is being deformed. 



The New World Order


They call them self’s the New World Order. They want one world government where there is one religion and one currency. There for the war system they are using is a depopulation system. They are violating all human rights and have no respect for live or death. In the Internet is a lot of information to be found about the devices and weapons that are being used. Everything is developed by the United States and all of  it a U.S war system



Quoted: http://soundlasersandholograms.weebly.com/

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